Flip YOUR Switch at Home

These Virtual Learning Modules will support you in not only discovering the 7 Step Belief Re-patterning System Suze has been sharing for over 2 decades, but effectively integrating your learning into your day to day Way of BEing! You’ll develop your positive mindset - AND be able to tap into it on demand. Imagine showing up as your BEST self regardless of what is happening around you. You’ll finally be clear of the annoying chatter in your head, the old nagging doubts, and the tiresome second guessing. 

Empowered, solid and authentic. That’s YOU!

We have adapted the content of our signature experiential Flip YOUR Switch program, and placed special emphasis on supporting you through the current challenges you, your family and our world are facing.  Each module has hands-on re-patterning, practical applications, and suggestions for deepening your understanding and practice through suggested Own Work.  

You learn at your own pace. You are looking for answers and support now - why wait for the next course offering - Begin TODAY! 

Complete your registration and by the time you’ve settled comfortably into your chair and grabbed a glass of water and a pen & paper, access to the Modules will be waiting in your Inbox! 

Each Module includes video recordings, a downloadable booklet to follow and take notes, and links to some additional resources. When you're ready for the next Module, simply click the Green Checkmark at the bottom and the next Module magically opens up 24/7, 365 - on your time, at your pace! 

Flip YOUR Switch at Home is yours for a lifetime, to review and deepen your learning, simply by downloading the recordings!

Let’s get you on path. I’ve got a great flashlight to guide you!

Our graduates of Flip YOUR Switch say:

"In this time of Covid19 and the changes we are navigating I am so GLAD that I attended Flip YOUR Switch Online. I learned the 7 Step technique that I have used every day since to deal with challenges, increase my resiliency, build a positive mindset and improve my relationships. I recommend this opportunity to experience the online program and learn this effective tool for yourself."

Mary G.

"Belief Re-patterning changed my life. It supported me greatly in some of the darkest times of my life and is a tool I hope everyone will choose to learn to support themselves and anyone/everyone they care about." 

Heidi C.

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Our Promise

You do your OWN work and we'll hold the space for you to become more of who you really are. If this special event doesn't deliver the transformation we promise - help you be more solid during these challenging times - we'll give you a full refund *

Invest in yourself today! This transformational program is only $249 CAD. That's less than $25 per Module - for our unique 7 Step life-changing System you won't find anywhere else. 

Make the investment in yourself 

Claim your exceptional life-long transformation


What if I have questions?

  • Included for one year are monthly live group coaching calls with one of our Facilitators
  • Join the Flip YOUR Switch Grad group in Facebook and post your question 

* How does the guarantee work? 

  •  You've watched each session - followed along with the activities and exercises - and don't feel that we've delivered on our promise, we'll issue you a full refund